Enterprise Package

If our other Packages don't have what you need, then you should consider our fully customized Enterprise Service. This gives you direct access to the high-performance, secure API that powers all of our services.

This highly reliable cloud-hosted system provides everything you need to enable customer reviews on your site.

You can pick the exact set of features you need from the API to create a totally custom solution.

All from £499/€599/$799 per month.

Additional Features






Akismet Anti-Spam




Facebook Connect

Twitter OAuth

Enterprise Search


Remote Moderation

Embeddable Management Portal

Mobile reviews

Powerful tagging and categorisation

Amazon EC2 hosted

Custom Reporting and Analytics

Note: Other Service/Support Tiers available. Contact us for details.

The key to the API is flexibility. You choose whether you want pre or post moderated reviews, identified or anonymous users, your identity system or ours. And of course, the API rolls in all our standard widget features like Facebook and Twitter logins, social media push, and Android integration. This is all supported by a powerful moderation, reporting, notification and analytics system giving you total control and insight into the reviews on your site.

Wondering how to put our API to work for your site? Here's an example:

Using the API, you can place reviews on your site with customised ratings, design and images. You can enable commenting on each review, and allow visitors to vote reviews as helpful or not helpful, or to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the review.

Far more than that, though, you can build an entire online community around your products or services just by using the LouderVoice on-board API tools. Let visitors create an account to establish identity, and then follow their favourite reviewers to see when they add new reviews, find and add their friends to see when they make new comments, and even filter reviews by location.

Location filtering is a great example of how flexible LV is for different business types. If you run a restaurant or hotel chain, for example, you can allow people to see reviews of locations nearest them or their travel destination. If you have a single point of sale, you can let visitors see reviews and ratings only from those reviewers closest to them, leveraging regional affinity.

There are many ways to put the full power of our advanced API behind your site. If you're interested in maximizing what our API can do for you, get in touch. We'll be happy to advise you on how best to implement them on your site.