On-Site Reviews

Keep Your Visitors On-Site

Why would you get visitors to your site and then immediately send them away to a third party review hub? We have even see hospitality businesses sending their visitors to read reviews on these hubs where those people then book via an intermediary, reducing the margins for the business!

Reviews belong on your site, benefiting you and generating direct sales for you. On-site reviews generate immediate trust from new visitors and keep those visitors on your site for longer.

Every review written by your customers and clients should work to drive people to your site and then keep them there.

Simple to Integrate

Integrating LouderVoice on your site is never complex. Our simplest solutions can take less than 5 minutes and even our high-end solutions have provided trouble-free deployments for all of our clients. Whether your site uses static HTML, PHP, ASP.NET or Java, LouderVoice can be added in almost no time at all.


These packages put reviews on every product/service page on your site. From 2 services pages to 20,000 product pages, we scale effortlessly