Validated Reviews

Every day we read stories about businesses being damaged by fake reviews on third-party review hubs. Whether they are written by your competitors or an unreasonable customer, you often have no recourse and you suffer the online reputational damage.

By using LouderVoice, you can ensure that validated reviews by your genuine customers are shown on your site, on Facebook/Twitter and via Search.

You can opt to have fully-open reviewing or invitation-only depending on the type of business. If you are in hospitality or have the contact details for most of your customers, then invitation-only is the best option. If you have lots of walk-ins then fully-open works best where anyone can write a review on your site. But in both cases, nothing goes live on your site until you have had an opportunity to read it, potentially respond to it and verify it.

These features are absolutely not about hiding negative reviews. Trust and authenticity are critical when it comes to reviews. Showing 100 5-star reviews on your site is not believable. By publishing all truthful validated reviews, you show your belief in your own products and services. Reasonable people see these trustworthy reviews and are immediately more likely to do business with you.

Our inline response feature enables you to show your response underneath any review on your site. You can use this to thank people for positive reviews or give your explanation/apology for any negative reviews.

Most reviews are positive and your business will benefit from all of those reviews.